CentersCenter for Cognitive Science


The Center for Cognitive science was established in 1997 with the mission to conduct scientific research in the field of Fundamental Cognitive Science and to support the training of cognitive science specialists in Central and Eastern Europe, where it is a unique institution.


With its activities, namely annual summer schools, building networks of academic institutions in the field, offering cognitive science training courses, taught in English, and initiating partnership projects (the Center facilitates the formation of groups interested in the theoretical and applied aspects of cognitive science in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Russia). It is included in a number of networks of western European and American universities and works with them on a number of research projects. It is a Center of Excellence of the EU and is awarded the prize of the Global Cognitive Science Association for its contribution to international level cognitive science training. The center works on a considerable number of international research projects, financed under the 5th and the 6th Research Framework Programmes of the EU, as well as under other Research Programmes in Britain, Germany, Italy, USA, NATO, etc.

The Center for Cognitive Science organizes and hosts a number of international conferences summoning the most prominent scientists in the field. Another initiative of the Center is the Annual Summer School of Cognitive Science.



Prof. Elena Andonova, Ph.D.
Building 1, Room 403
tel.: 02/8110 403
e-mail: eandonova@nbu.bg

Administrative Manager:

Desislava Peneva
Office hours:
10:00 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 16:30
Building 1, Room 414 B
tel.: 02/81104141, ext.14141
e-mail: dpeneva@nbu.bg